Individual Creditor Representation

Neligan LLP brings an aggressive yet practical approach to creditor representation, focusing on achieving maximum recovery for our clients. Because our attorneys have substantial experience representing both debtors and creditors in a variety of debtor-creditor relationships, including defaults, workouts, repossession, foreclosure and receivership, we understand the needs of, and strategies employed by, each side and can provide guidance regarding whether reorganization or liquidation would be the most prudent course of action, evaluate proposed reorganization plans, and serve as an advocate for our clients in both negotiations and litigation in order to achieve the most favorable results.

We have represented creditors in a number of significant Chapter 11 cases, including oil and gas interests involved in the Enron bankruptcy, a major computer game company during the K-Mart and K-B Toys proceedings, an hoc committee of bondholders holding several hundred million dollars in claims against a Global Crossing subsidiary in what was then one of the largest bankruptcy cases in history, and bondholders in the Idearc bankruptcy proceeding. Our attorneys are committed to protecting our clients’ interests, and can assist with sales, secured transactions, prosecuting or defending litigation claims, pre-judgment and post-judgment collections, as well as the bankruptcy claims and objection process.

In addition to legal acumen, our lawyers also have strong business knowledge, including experience in financial and transactional matters that regularly arise in distressed situations. We regularly work with creditors to develop strategies for responding to potential bankruptcy filings, including providing assistance in acquisition negotiation.

To review representative cases, please review our Case Studies.