Bankruptcy Litigation

Neligan LLP has attained a reputation for excellence in bankruptcy litigation by bringing together lawyers with the highest level of bankruptcy knowledge and lawyers with significant trial experience, whether a trial to the court or a jury.  We routinely go up against large national firms, bringing bankruptcy litigation to trial with successful results. Neligan LLP has been hired by debtors in bankruptcy, plan trustees, receivers and creditor trusts to prosecute litigation ranging from complex fraudulent transfer actions or other contested matters being tried by a bankruptcy judge to litigation involving claims of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and other wrongful conduct being tried before a state court or federal court jury.

Bankruptcy trials move fast – and we do too.  Our quick-thinking, detail-oriented and highly efficient lawyers have the expertise to maximize results while minimizing time spent spent in litigation.  Neligan LLP attorneys are well versed in all areas of law that affect bankruptcy litigation, as well as the financial and business considerations relevant to the litigation.  We work closely with the company’s management, general counsel or trustee in bankruptcy through every step of the litigation process so that the best possible result can be obtained in the most efficient manner.


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