The Case

Neligan LLP has substantial experience representing debtors in the oil and gas industry, ranging from companies engaged in both domestic and off-shore exploration and production to oil and gas service companies, including National Energy Group, Panaco, Sunrise Energy, Reichmann Petroleum, Golden Prairie Resources and Tekoil & Gas Corporation.  Neligan LLP has assisted management in reorganizations of several publicly traded oil and gas companies focused on exploration and production.  As debtor’s counsel, Neligan LLP lawyers successfully negotiated with secured lenders, suppliers, and bond holders over the terms of the plan of reorganization. These companies faced significant plugging and abandonment liabilities which were resolved in a practical and expeditious manner, thereby ensuring the client’s continued viability as it emerged from Chapter 11. Likewise, Neligan LLP has successfully represented several gas marketing companies in their chapter 11 proceedings.  In addition, Neligan LLP represents Matador Resources Company in bankruptcy matters and related litigation.