Foreign Recieverships and Liquidations

In addition to representing domestic clients, Neligan LLP also has extensive experience in foreign receiverships and liquidations. Our attorneys have worked on behalf of foreign liquidators and receivers in order to obtain the benefit of Chapter 15 relief in the United States, secure and protect assets located here, and assert litigation claims. We have also represented U.S. bankruptcy trustees and receivers involved in cross-border cases, and participated in cases with parallel proceedings in multiple countries.

Our foreign receivership and liquidation attorneys understand the key legal issues and potential hurdles involved in cross-border insolvencies, and have built strong relationships with international lawyers, accountants and other professionals, in order to better serve our clients. We understand the complexities that may arise when funds travel across borders, and we have the experience and expertise to pursue the most prudent legal action in order to maximize recovery for liquidators, receivers and bankruptcy trustees involved in cross-border cases. Our lawyers have handled all varieties of cross-border insolvency litigation, and coordinated litigation efforts with foreign counsel for the liquidator or receiver in order to maximize recoveries for the estate and its creditors.

To review representative cases, please review our Case Studies.